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“Partners for Progress has been a real partner in the development of our organization. They have given us important feedback and been an objective voice in many of our most important strategic decisions. In addition, they have always done the front- and back-end work needed to maximize the benefit of their services.”

     David Mungenast, Chief Executive Officer
     The Gogolak Communications Group, Inc.


Why Choose Partners for Progress?

How do you know if you need our services? We asked our clients why they selected Partners for Progress. Here’s a sampling of what they said:

  • “We were very clear that we needed someone from outside the organization to help us achieve the magnitude of change that we needed.”
  • “We were struggling with bits and pieces. We needed a framework that would put it all together.”
  • “We knew things needed to get better but we didn't know where to start. We needed someone to help us overcome our ignorance and get it done.”
  • “We needed someone who had a comprehensive approach to process study that would fit with us.”
  • “We needed someone who wouldn’t talk only of theory. We needed a consultant who would talk about how to get things done.”
  • “We needed someone who was not afraid to force issues, confront us, and, if necessary, drive us where we needed to go.”
  • “We needed a ‘wake-up call.’ We needed to look in the mirror as well as out the window.”
  • “We needed someone who could accurately assess the situation and help us to address critical issues.”
  • “We wanted to work with a consultant who would eventually step aside and let us take charge.”

We don’t presume to know your needs. We don’t seek to put out fires. We find that our clients know when it’s best to enlist our help, though they may not know exactly what they need. Our job is to help you clarify issues and create appropriate ways to address them. For us, success is achieved when your organization has improved, is able to offer greater value, and no longer needs our services.

Take a look at what we have to offer and the results we’ve achieved with organizations in 20 different industries. Then contact us. We can move your organization to a higher level of competitive advantage.


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